Avatar Education

Version 1.0

K-12 made relevant, engaging & involving: In absence of an educated workforce that can flex to market needs, consolidation of jobs and small businesses is predicted to continue at an accelerated pace, upending and eliminating traditional..

Avatar Health

Version 2.0

Strengthening health essentials: In the current "Physician/Hospital Centric" model, families have a culture of ignoring symptoms of chronic diseases and reacting to catastrophic health events to seek medical attention...

Avatar Career

Version 3.0

Supporting College & Career success: Business models have a diminishing respect /value for traditional career longevity. Technology enabled work functions are replacing experienced employees at all levels...

Avatar Entrepreneur

Version 4.0

Pathway to self-determination: Intrinsic abilities (passion) connected to extrinsic opportunities (business lines) built on career skills with customer need identification, skilled approach to deliver a customer focused..

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Acclaim Global Education Pvt ltd.

Acclaim ecosystem makes it easy for families access to world-class education, healthcare & careers.

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Systemic change, relationship re-connection and freedom to succeed define the intent, vision and mission of the Star Tech Group's team members.